It's been an amazing year.

From playing shows, recording and releasing 4 projects AND touring across Western Canada, it's been a wild ride. Thank you for joining me on the journey.


New Music Night

I am forever grateful for my friends at Manitoba Music who continually provide me with resources and opportunities to keep growing as an artist. This year I was featured in both the New Music Night and as the Open Mic Night host.

Return to Sender

On July 3, 2018 I released this 3-song EP. These songs meant a lot to me but they weren't quite going to fit with the new sound of "If & When", so we decided to release them earlier! Most notably the song "Return to Sender" was reviewed by Jim Di Gioia of Canadian music blog DOMINIONATED. Read the article here.


As I was coming to the end of making my new album "If & When" I realized, "I don't have any more money. Interesting." So the choice came: do I put the record on hold for another year until I can pay it off, or do I ask people for help? Through the encouragement of some friends and family, I started this Kickstarter campaign asking for help to raise $5000 to finish the album, and boy did you deliver. The campaign finished with $5574 which was $574 above my goal. I can't thank those enough who contributed to the campaign. I couldn't have done it without you. Seriously.

If & When

A dream-come-true. I started recording these songs with my producer Elessar Thiessen at the end of 2017, but that is definitely not where the journey began. I had been dreaming of this album, the release show, and music videos for 3 years leading up to this album, so to finally release it October 12, 2018 was the most exciting part of my year (and maybe my life so far?). My statistics on the streaming website Spotify showed that I had 3946 listeners across the world in the month of October, with listeners from North America, France, England, and more. I was so humbled by the amazing reception If & When had, and was featured on TV, print, radio, and online media sources such as Global News WinnipegRide The TempoKelowna Capital News, UMFM Beer for Breakfast, Witchpolice RadioStylus Magazine, and was featured as Manitoba Music's Song of the Week.

"Dream" Music Video

The first time I saw Cameron Fraser-Monroe dance with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet I knew he was someone I NEEDED to work with. Cameron and I started talking ideas for this piece in the spring of 2018 and I was so overjoyed to see his creativity come to life. He and Clare Fleming danced his original choreography and it was better than my brain could have ever imagined. Huge thanks to Jyles Klassen for doing an amazing job as videographer and editor. If you haven't seen the video yet, click here.

The release/tour

The album was released in Winnipeg at The Park Theatre on October 14, 2018. I had the time of my life. A huge thank you to Carol-Ann Bohrn who choreographed and danced to two of my songs during the evening, and Olivia Onuk who performed two original poems. It was magical and everything I could have hoped for.


Directly following the release show my band and I headed out on a 10-show tour across Western Canada. I think every show was the best show.... but specific highlights were The Roxy in Vancouver, Cafe Koi in Calgary, and The Woods Alehouse in Saskatoon. SO incredible to see so many friendly faces and reconnect with so many musician friends across the country.

"This Year"
My final gift to you this 2018 is my newest release and music video of "This Year", a sad little New Year's Eve tune starring Nathan Rempel and filmed/produced/directed by Eric Ballard. Give it a watch here


Well that's a question even Lana Winterhalt is trying to figure out. Life was so geared toward the month of October that I've been taking the remainder of 2018 to rest and think, playing a few local shows here and there. However, I can assure you that 2019 has a lot of exciting things in store. You can anticipate some more music videos, live videos, collaborations, shows, festivals, and as always, more music. I will keep doing this as long as there are songs in me to write. I was afraid after this tour that I would hit a "dry spell" and feel like I had nothing left in me to come out. I was wrong. The well is not dry. So get ready for another magical year of music.

I cannot thank you enough for sticking by my side. Without all of you, my fantastic family, friends, and fans near and far, I wouldn't be able to do any of this. So thank you once again for coming to a show, buying a shirt, sharing something on social media, telling your coworkers about my tour, watching my videos, and just giving me encouraging words and messages here and there. It keeps me going. And once again, it's all for you. I hope you feel something when you listen to this album. I hope you let it wrap you up this holiday season and make you feel known. See you in 2019.